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Shanghai Printing Industry Exhibition following the development trend of textile digital printing industry

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Shanghai Printing Industry Exhibition following the development trend of textile digital printing industry

Date of release:2019-08-11 Author: Click:

Source: China Dyeing and Printing Network


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        Performance digital printing equipment is now rapid increases in the cost of supplies falling, digital printing products are gradually being the world recognize and accept . With the rapid development of computer technology , digital printing technologies and equipment will continue to improve . In the near future, the popularity of digital printing products will show jumping leap , and it is possible to gradually replace traditional printing technology and equipment , to contribute to the sustainable development of mankind .


tpf2014 April China Shanghai International Printing Industry Exhibition conforms to the development trend of textile digital printing industry , with many years of organizational units exhibition experience , the integration of the previous show in the digital printing industry at home and abroad from the traditional printing and processing equipment, materials to digital printing high-speed inkjet printing equipment , supplies , flower design and the latest printing technology for textile printing industry insiders provide the most professional technical exchanges and trade cooperation platform.


Year term , held for many years 。 The current exhibition has been successfully with the international textile printing market, with more to come every year exhibition of internationally renowned textile printing equipment and materials manufacturers to join tpf2014 International Printing Industry Exhibition and scheduled to stand a large area , which manufacturers are : ms, kornit, Hangzhou Wang China , epson, Hong Kong, Nikon , mimaki, durst, Wuxi Desai , huntsman, undefeated textiles , konica, Taiwan is surprising , mhm, Zhuhai Tianwei , Wuxi Desai , Fuda printing , mutoh, roland, flying union , anajet , forever, constant Zeki industry , zimmer, ink eco, sroque, atexco, solunaris, Taiwan Everlight , reggiani ( Italy and the United States Ghani ), ichinose ( Japan eastward ) 。


Another new show next year two highlights :


One bright spot: To give everyone a good investment , to a better understanding of the market and the production of textile digital printing technology , the exhibition will be the lead organization organized a number of units of internationally renowned manufacturers of high-speed inkjet printing equipment held " 2014 international high-speed digital printing technology and applications Forum . "


Highlight two: the exhibition site provides digital printing fine display area, a number of exhibitors from the latest digital printing technology products, flower design.


Merchants in mid-May , until now show the location of 45% has been scheduled , it is pre- registered for the exhibition area of over 36 square meters of open space will be offered a version of the Conference Proceedings color pages , scheduled open space area of 72 square meters or more have the opportunity to receive a payment of foreign -related exhibition site and external propaganda 10,000 tickets mailed . Why not learn more about the exhibition more information, please visit the show 's official website , or contact the organizing committee .

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